From Rockbridge County,

Lexington & Buena Vista, Virginia

Rockbridge Arts Guild

If You Are an Artist 
or an Art Lover, 
Lexington is a 
Great place to be. 
Why? Here are 
just a few reasons:

Downtown Lexington has Seven Art Venues 
Annual Downtown Arts Block Party
County-wide Annual Studio Tour
Monthly First Friday Gallery Openings
Washington & Lee University 
Artist Series
Rockbridge Arts Guild Sponsored:
    Annual Art of the Green
    Annual Art Show at the Rockbridge Regional Fair   

Lexington is the home of:
    Painter Cy Twombly
    Photographer Sally Mann
    Painter Pierre Daura
And that’s just in the visual arts
2018 Rockbridge Regional Fair Art Show Winners



Art on the Green Winners

Front Row: Stella Oaks, Second Place; Josh Poole, 3-D; Katharine March, Floral Theme; Second Row: Janly Jaggard, Judge; Jane Schafer, Watercolor; Susan Egbert, Mixed Media; Conrad Matiuk, Photography; Third Row: Courtney Cronin, and Whitney Brock, Oil.

Debra Sheffer, Mt. Sidney artist, won the Best in Show at the Rockbridge Arts Guild’s annual Art on the Green Art Show Saturday. Twenty-seven local and regional artists participated. Winner in each category was: Best in show - Debra Sheffer, Second Place - Stella Oaks, Third Place - Kate Connolly, Acrylic - Courtney Cronin, Mixed Media - Susan Egbert, Oil - WhitneyBrock, Photography - Conrad Matiuk, Watercolor - Jane Schafer, 3-D - Josh Poole, and Floral Theme - Katharine March. Show was judged by Staunton artist Janly Jaggard.

Karen Pannabecker

Barney Brown

John Winfrey

Conrad Matiuk



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RAG member Wendy Duke presented “Exploring Contemporary Oshi-e” at our May 18th meeting at the Rockbridge Regional Library. Wendy began teaching this ancient fiber art form in Japan in the early 1970’s and continues to teach it now in the Clifton Forge School of the Arts.

2019 Rockbridge Arts Guild  Winners at Regional Fair

RAG Member Marsha Heatwole Wins Two Awards

Best in Show

Sheep With House Mountain, Acrylic, 48x24

People’s Choice Award

Sheep Party, Acrylic, 24x48

Rockbridge Arts Guild Fair Art Show Winners

Best in Show

Marsha Heatwole, Sheep with House Mountain, Acrylic

Peoples Choice Award

Marsha Heatwole, Sheep Party, Acrylic

Children - Fine Art

Children - Fine Art: 1st Place - Hannah Ferree, Bumble Bee & Flowers, Drawing

Children - Fine Art: 2nd Place - Julianne Lotts, Sunshine, Acrylic

Children - Fine Art: 3rd Place - Savannah Ferree, Happy Girl, Drawing

Children - Honorable Mention - Caroline Lotts, Jelly Dreams, Acrylic

Children - 3D

Children - 1st Place - Jenna Ferree, Clay Sassy Kid, 3D

Children - 2nd Place - Jenna Ferree, Minecraft Rabbit, 3D

Children - 3rd Place - Jenna Ferree, Ninja Headquarters, 3D

Children - Honorable Mention - Hannah Ferree, Sonic Raider Jet, 3D

Youth - Acrylics

Youth - 1st Place - Hunter Ross, From the Shadows, Acrylic

Youth -  2nd Place - Katherine Lotts, Home Grown, Acrylic

Youth -  3rd Place - Hunter Ross, Chester, Acrylic

Youth - Mixed Media

Youth - 1st Place - Ella Vaught, Docked, Mixed Media

Youth - 2nd Place - Emmalyn Hoover, Transition, Mixed Media

Youth - 3rd Place - Myrissa Flowers, Anxiety, Mixed Media

Youth - Honorable Mention - Aine Macdermott, Birds & Flowers, Mixed Media

Youth - Photography

Youth - 1st Place, Gage C Pooley, Frozen Details, Photography

Youth - 2nd Place - Sofia Fleming, The Waters of the Cook Inlet, Photography

Youth - 3rd Place - Stephanie Weisberger, Aerial Thrills, Photography

Youth - Honorable Mention - Sofia Fleming, The Barnyard, Photography

Youth - Honorable Mention - Gage C Pooley, Polarized Sound Sunset, Photography

Youth - 3D - 1st Place

Youth - 1st Place - Isha Todd, Sampler, 3D

Youth -  2nd Place - Cameron Newcomb, Sunflower, 3D

Youth -  3rd Place - Arden, Courtney-Collins, Beetle, 3D

Youth -  Honorable Mention - Kenzie Moyers, Mermaid, 3D

Adult - Watercolor

Adult - 1st Place - John Winfrey, Flowers Wet on Wet, Watercolor

Adult -  2nd Place, Paula Zimmerman, Lenten Rose, Watercolor

Adult -  3rd Place, John Winfrey, Augusta Cliffs, Watercolor

Adult -  Honorable Mention - Kathy Kvach, Lunch at the Cotswolds, Watercolor

Adult - Photography

Adult - 1st Place - Gail Caskie, Dancing Boy - Copenhagen, Photography

Adult - 2nd Place - Eben Ostby, Little Store, Photography

Adult - 3rd Place - Gail Caskie, Just Woke Up, Photography

Adult - Honorable Mention, Gail Caskie, Weeping Cherry, Photography

Adult - Pastel

Adult - 1st Place - Darin Docekal, Rece, Pastel

Adult - 2nd Place - William Kluge, Last Look, Drawing

Adult - 3rd Place - Dororthy Coker, Wild Flowers, Pastel

Adult - Oil

Adult - 1st Place - Carol Gerhardt, Childhood Friends, Oil

Adult - 2nd Place - Karen Pannabecker, Chimp, Oil

Adult - 3rd Place - Karen Waller, Flight Risk, Oil

Adult - Honorable Mention - Martha Devening, Blue Bird Visit, Oil

Adult - Honorable Mention - Carol Gerhardt, Rockbridge Spring, Oil

Adult - Honorable Mention - Karen Pannabecker, Secret Pool, Oil

Adult - Honorable Mention - Karen Pannabecker, Koi, Oil

Adult - Mixed Media

Adult - 1st Place - Susan Brady, Buffalo Creek, Mixed Media

Adult - 2nd Place - Barbara Clayton, Gathering, Mixed Media

Adult - 3rd Place - Karen Pannabecker, Fango, Mixed Media

Adult - Honorable Mention - Paula Zimmerman, Spring Fling, Mixed Media

Adult - Drawing

Adult - 1st Place - Josephine McMurtry, Prancing in the Pasture, Drawing

Adult - 2nd Place - Josephine McMurtry, Barn Swallow Babies, Drawing

Adult - 3rd Place - Josephine McMurtry, Black Bean on Patrol, Drawing

Adult - Honorable Mention - Josephine McMurtry, Whatever It Is, I Can Handle It, Drawing

Adult - Acrylic

Adult - 1st Place - Pat Thomas, Enfield Road New Brushy Hill, Acrylic

Adult - 2nd Place - Barney Brown, The Road Leads on Forever, Acrylic

Adult - 3rd Place - Judy Presti, Mountain Retreat, Acrylic

Adult - Honorable Mention - Judy Presti, Chickadee”s Paradise, Acrylic

Judge Kenneth Weinfurtner

Winners are front row: Carol Gerhardt, Hunter Ross, John Winfrey, Karen Waller, Karen Pannabecker, Dorothy Coker, Barbara Claytor, Kathy Kvach, Back row: Andrew O’Sullivan, Judith Presti, Barney Brown, Bill Kluge, Gage Pooley, Susan Brady, Mike Sorge,and Eben Ostby.

Louis Caddell Presents “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Eighteen participants attended the workshop.

Caddell guided them through five drawing tasks.

Group requested a follow-up workshop which will be the March RAG meeting. Caddell suggested reading Betty Edwards book prior to follow-up meeting.