Karen Pannabecker NEW LISTING

Mediums - Acrylics, Oils,, Collage


I've always loved creating things but didn't discover painting until I was 54, when I painted a bird on a table I had built. Since then painting has become an obsession and I wonder why it took me so long to explore the wonderful world of paint.


My impressionistic style resembles my life on our farm: rich with texture and color, at times a bit chaotic with serendipitous strokes that may appear to have jumped the fence. My goal with each painting is to portray a scene or object, not as it would be seen in a photo, but with added character or whimsy: an amalgam of reality and my imagination.

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Cascade, Oil, 16"X20"

Herman, Oil, 36"X36"

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Oil, 16"X20"

It’s Been A Busy Day, Oil, 30”x40”

Pianist In Blue, Oil, 24”x24”