Art Challenge – Previously, the Challenge has been a popular activity so we’d like to continue this activity. It will be offered bi-monthly.

A challenge will be made to members in the form of a photo or theme for members to use as inspiration for a piece of art work whether painting, sculpture, abstract, photograph, or digital art. If a photo is provided, the artist decides what his inspiration is – to paint the picture as is in the medium of choice, to take an aspect of the photo (color, design, geometric lines and shapes, or a small portion of the photo.

Initially Art Challenge will be organized by Dorothy Coker until someone else steps up to oversee this activity. Eventually we would like to open up the ‘art challenge’ to participants in art classes in the local schools. Hopefully, art challenge will be the basis for an interesting art exhibit for RAG participants later this year.


2019 March Challenge

Our first Art Challenge is to create a piece of art work using a photograph of a scene in the county that has special meaning to you, one that depicts what peaked your interest in coming to this area to live or what you feel is special to you about living here. The example provided can be used for your inspiration or you can provide a photograph of your own. Use the entire photo, a portion of the photo, color combinations, shapes or whatever triggers your imagination to create your art and bring it to the  designated RAG meeting per the deadline date. Abstracts, 3D, photographs are all acceptable ways to meet this challenge but be prepared to discuss your finished art piece and explain how it meets this challenge.

Please bring your art work to the RAG meeting scheduled in May.